The Goddess in Me Salutes The Goddess in You

Anvi Candles

100% Soy Wax Candles Handmade with Healing Magical Crystals, Pure Essential Oils, Organic Dried Herbs and Flowers, Cleansing Sage and Palo Santo for Purification.

Bring positive energy to your home with these Healing Magical Candles.

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2022 Festive Collection

Planning Christmas gifts for your family and friends?

Explore our festive collection of candles, perfect for the holiday season.

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Made with Love

We love our festive ceramic collection that represents a beautiful token to every receiver. Not only are the ingredients in the jar special but the actual jar is also handmade to make it even more organic.

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Limited Edition Artisanal Exfoliating Soap and Mini Love Candle

We are so excited to finally share our healing soap collection made with Aloe Vera, Shea butter, turmeric, lemon, organic pink kaolin clay, organic black charcoal, rose buds, and black sesame seeds. We have used our pure high-grade essential oil blends including frankincense which has several skin healing benefits.

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Our Favourites

Health & Healing Candle
  • Sleeping Well

    "Your candle helped me sleep well last night, woke up at 9, which has not happened in a long, long time."

  • Amazing Fragrance

    "We have all lit our candles and absolutely love them."

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    "I love the fragrance, the appearance, customer service that you attach and the most they are ADDICTIVE ❤️."

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Eternity Jewels

Eternity Jewels is an exclusive collection of semi-precious designer jewellery at affordable prices. The emphasis of "Eternity" is to provide women with an effortless sense of style and flamboyance.

We bring glamour to compliment your style. Our Jewellery is made for the modern woman with a touch of elegance that makes each bespoke piece truly unique.

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